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Softlayer® USA

Jun 2011
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Softlayer USA

SoftLayer® provides global, on-demand data center and hosting services from facilities across the U.S. With best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry-leading, fully automated solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability.

About Softlayer®

SoftLayer’s commitment to innovation, empowerment, and integration is demonstrated by tangible advantages for our customers, including :

Robust, Fully-Networked Data Centers Our data centers located in Dallas, Houston, London, Seattle, and Washington D.C., are built with SoftLayer’s unique pod data center design concept. Each is functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources, and fully integrated through SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture, allowing seamless intra-data center capabilities.

10 Network Points of Presence (PoPs) Our data centers are complemented by PoPs in seven additional U.S. cities, providing direct or shorter connections for lower latency and creating a superior end user experience.

Automated Services and Solutions Our revolutionary solutions provide customer-controlled, automated management of core functions including server reboots, OS reloads, software upgrades and migrations, firewall and storage management, load balancing, and more. These invaluable services are not available from most other providers without costly, manually-managed service plans.

Industry-Leading Customer Portal and Open API Our proprietary interfaces provide administrators and their API-applications direct access to more than 100 backend systems and activities. These are executed without any human intermediation, dramatically streamlining server management and reducing cost of IT operations.

Secure Network-Within-a-Network Topology Our first-of-its-kind network is comprised of two distinct and redundant gigabit architectures. This delivers the ease of use of a Public Network with the security of a Private one. Systems are fully accessible to administrators but safely off-limits from external users.

Immediate Scalability Our commitment to simplified, on-demand scalability extends from purchase to growth, reduction, refresh, and even cancellation. Online ordering, guaranteed 2-4 hour server delivery, and online cancellation makes scaling up or down as easy and immediate as possible.

Integrated Geographical Diversity Our data centers are connected via private, 10G point-to-point connections, and integrated through proprietary automated tools for exceptional speed, redundancy, and flexibility. Customers can choose their server location on demand, create virtual racks containing servers in different physical locations, and even load balance between them.

Softlayer Network

Corporate Office
SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.
4849 Alpha Road
Dallas, TX 75244
United States of America

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