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Apr 2011


Savvis® leverage services including managed hosting, cloud computing, colocation, network connectivity, and IT consulting, supported by the company's global datacenter and network infrastructure

About Savvis

Savvis delivers "IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service" by combining cloud technology, a global network and 32 data centers (approximately 1.54 million square feet) in North America, Europe, and Asia, automated management and provisioning systems, and a best practices operations model. Savvis has approximately 2,500 unique business and government customers

The company was founded in November 1995 under the name "Diamond Net" by Timothy Munro Roberts (CTO/COO) and Andrew Gladney (Investor/CEO). Gladney was a 33 year old Yale graduate with an MBA from NYU and a trust fund from his grandfather who had been a Seven Up Company founder in St. Louis. The two had met in the St. Louis area in 1994 where both lived, with Roberts working for a computer store and Gladney a customer[4]. Gladney put up all the initial capital ($600,000 or $1 million, according to different sources) for a 75% stake in the startup.

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